Guide to make a potential business profile

If you are using an online network for business use, you want to present yourself perfectly. After all, the profile contributes to your image and to the expansion of your network. How to create a perfect business profile?

The build-up phase

  1. Do not just talk about yourself. Name your ambitions and projects, but also indicate what you can dofor others.
  2. A profile is not a CV and therefore not a summary of facts.
  3. Make your profile as complete as possible and take care of a photo.

Profiles with a photo are viewed four times more than profiles without a photograph.

  1. Create your profile in English for an even greater range.

When you refer to followed and / or completed studies or training courses, be completely in the name of the institute concerned. For example, old school friends / friends find you earlier, as do potential employers

  1. Use comprehensible descriptions, titles and other terms.

That way you will be found quickly. Be as complete as possible and avoid ‘open doors’.

If you implement these strategies before making a business profile of yours then you will surely gain a lot from without spending hugely. This guide will surely help you to make the best profile for your business without any doubt.

If your profile is ready

How do you reach the best contacts?

8 tips

  1. Search in the database of ‘members’ you already know

You also have access to their network.

  1. Invite the contacts from your address book.

This way you can build on your network even further.

  1. Announce events that your company organizes.

This way you increase ‘visibility’.

  1. Use so-called hubs (thematic groups within Viadeo).

The more focused the theme of a hub, the more appropriate members you address.

  1. Create a strategy for approaching contacts in such a way that it does not immediately resemble a ‘commercial action’.

This way you can easily make a first contact.

  1. Place your company invitations or press releases on your profile.

Renew them regularly.

  1. Pay attention to commercial opportunities.

When a contact, for example, changes jobs, you can ask whether his or her new can mean something for you or your company.

  1. Send your own responses to internet articles to your network.

This is how you share your thoughts, feedback and reactions.

For professionals who are already members of a business online network, it is important to keep in mind that online networks have the same goal as live networks. You can achieve the real value from a business network site by approaching the network in the same way as your regular business contacts.

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